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Yoga and Grief

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist

Written by Peggy Green The Grief Specialist

As I surveyed the room, I watched mats being laid out  with blocks, straps, and bolsters next to them. A woman came up to me and offered to get the equipment that was recommended. I replied with a huge egotistical “Hah – I don’t need that stuff”. She stared at me for a moment, said OK and went to get what she needed for the class.

As the class started, the instructor turned on some calming music, turned down the lights and invited us to take child’s pose. I did as instructed. We went through a series of moves intended to warm-up our bodies. The next series, we laid on our backs and with the help and support of the straps, (which I did not have and too embarrassed to get up and get some) stretch our hamstrings, inner thighs, and hips. Everyone on the room was using the straps – except me.

I struggled with the poses, felt extremely awkward and found myself breathing quite heavily. I found myself wishing I would have accepted the woman’s offer to help by getting me the tools for class. Not accepting the need for those tools had the total opposite effect. I found that even those who have been practicing yoga for a long time, still count on tools to help them. Those tools help them go to the next level and get better. I did more
harm than good by letting my ego and pride get in the way. I went into that class thinking I knew it all and could do it myself.

As I lay in my final resting pose, it came to me that the tools I refused to accept and utilize for yoga are much like those are newly bereaved reject in their grief. They may also be unaware of the resources available to help them. Those tools include working with a grief coach, counselor, therapist, faith, meditation, journaling, eating right, exercise and so much more. More often than not, it takes utilizing multiple tools to be effective. Grief is no different. In order to move forward, tools and resources are necessary. Reach out to someone who can share their tools with you.

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