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Includes body health, digestion, nutrition, fitness, illness, immune system


Includes relationships, stress, attitude, grief


Includes workplace wellness / issues, career & professional development for health & wellness professionals

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Anne Asher – Posturally, LLC

Brenda Hardwick – The Light of Nature

Celeste Grace – Lovewise Coaching

Charlene Ignacio – Coach the Coach Academy

Cindy Brosig – Operation H.E.E.L.

Dagmar Oktabcova – The Spiritual Healer

Dena Adams – Seek Defeat Design, LLC

Denise O’Malley – You Define Wellness

  • Confessions of a Reformed Insurance Agent (Financial)
    • #1: An Introduction
    • #2: Blame it on Grandpa?
    • #3: Intention = Fraud?
    • #4 – Insurance Companies Determine your Worth
    • #5 – What’s the ‘chair cost’?
    • #6 – I’d Rather have Root Canal Surgery
  • Environmental Wellness Dimension (Environmental)
  • What is YOU DEFINE WELLNESS? (Video Dictionary)
  • Workplace Crisis (Occupational)

Diana Calvo – Diana Calvo Coaching

Ed Bostick – Bostick Hypnotherapy

Ellen Utter – Utter Strength

Emily Wright – True Self Coaching & Energetics

Erika Schultz – Paramount Wellness

Eva Vennari – Elevate Institute

Heather Holmes-Lonergan – Conscious Connections Coaching

Heather Rutkowski – Emotional Resolution KC

Janet Callahan – Good Vibrations Energy Studio

Jayne Sanders – Purpose Whisperer

Jennilynne Coley – DeStress Lounge

Jim Sharon, Ed.D. – Energy for Life / Soulful Couples

Judy Hahn – Hahn Holistic Health

Jule Lane – Puzzle Over Me

Julie Gullickson – Optimal Potential Thinking / Kindness Bank

Julie Korotkin – Evolve Journey

Julie Smith, MPT – Body Affects

Karen Radtke – Integral Health Solutions

Katherine Tomasson – Inner Joy Awakenings

Kathi McCarty – Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance

Kelly Fox – Fearless Generations

Kelly Haugh – Manifest Natural Wellness

Kevin Carton – KC Coaching

Kevin Sandieson – Fortress Planning Group

Kim Flood – Wisdom & Wellness

Kimberly Hedden-Welch – Lightbody Holistic Health

Krista Igoe – Karigo Healing Arts

LaShay Canady – The B.O.S.S. Group

Leilani Houston – Jasmine Pearl Acupuncture

Lindsay Rogers – Lindsay Michelle

Lisa May – Fülle

Lisa Smith – Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

Lisa Tennant – ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy

Lorie Reichel-Howe – Conversations in the Workplace

  • Find all recordings in Occupational: Healthy Workplace Conversations
  • Accountability, not Blame
  • Accountability, not Excuses
  • Addressing Gossip without Getting Sucked In
  • Complaining Co-Workers and Responding Effectively
  • Difficult Conversations Working from Home
  • How do I Handle _________?
  • HR Challenges & Transitions
  • Managing Policies, not Politics
  • Managing Up and Across
  • Responding to Verbal Zingers in the Workplace
  • What is a SAFE CONVERSATION? (Video Dictionary)

Lorrie Scott – Green Village Biofertilizers

Margot Burns – Margot Burns Coaching

Marla Koupal – Vibrancy / VoxxLife

Marlene Prinzing – The Prinzing Method™

Mary Crawford – The Joy of Being Well

Mary Dravis-Parrish – Be You Parenting

Michelle Jolly – Healthy Horizons Coaching

Nancy Kalsow – Kalsow Coaching & Consulting

Natalie Forest, PhD – Natalie Forest International

Nicole Grams, PharmD – Offbeat Health, LLC

Patricia Huggett – Best Version Health Coaching

Peggy Green – Thee Grief Specialist

Rachel Cole – Serenity Remedies

Rachel Seltzner, ND – Wildly Grounded

Richelle Kemper – Spiritual Transformation Coach

Rita Shimniok – Purely Living Wellness

Rhonda Bolich-Lampo – The WELLthy People

Robert Sanders – Mental Health and Peace

Robin Miner – Robin Miner, LLC

Robin Pfaff, PhD – Flourishing with Fibromyalgia Wellness Coaching

Ruth Sharon, LPC, RYT – Energy for Life / Soulful Couples

Seema Giri – Break Free to Brillance

Shalom Samuel, DC –Shalom Family Chiropractic

  • Chiropractic for Dimensional Wellbeing (Physical)

Shane Sale – Inner Light Shines

Sharon Caren – Sharon’s Unique Spirit

Sharon Harvey Alexander – Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH – Primal Air

Sierra Frost – Invitation Wellness

Sonya Sullins – Disrupt to Discover ZaZaZu

Stephanie Lueras – Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness

Tanaz Bamboat – Laughter Yoga 4 U

Teri Sewell – Loving Your Healthy Life

Terry Sayre – Fearless Generations

Tracy Frank – Jade Lemonaid

Tracy Revell – Embodied Confidence

YDW… Recorded! June 1, 2021