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There are dozens of online provider directories for health and wellness.

No one has what we offer... not even the expensive ones.

You KNOW that you can help people change their lives for the better, but the problem is:

We have what you've been searching for...

Hi, I'm Denise and the founder of You Define Wellness!

After 30+ years in the insurance industry as an agent, agency owner, national sales director and executive, I left that world and set out in 2015 to create the program that thousands of employees at their employee benefits enrollment meeting were asking for...

An employee benefit plan for HEALTHY LIVING!

We know that 59 million Americans spend over $30.2 BILLION every year - out of their pocket - on products and services to support them in their quest to attain and maintain optimum wellbeing... but - until now - no such employee benefit program existed.
In order to deliver our employee benefit program in the marketplace, we started with building a comprehensive network of vetted independent health & wellness professionals. We're proud to say the network we've created is international and represents more than 130 healing modalities ensuring employees on our plan can seek the type of healthy living activities that THEY define as wellness.
Did you notice I said INDEPENDENT? We turned down an offer to partner with one of the largest franchise massage therapy companies and while it may not seem to some that was a good business decision, I'm married to an independent massage therapist and have made a commitment to support the visionary healers in the world!
I also want to address the word VETTED. We look into the background of all of our network providers for a reason: we want the public to feel comfortable knowing we know who we're promoting to them.
Here's a true story: a number of years ago a D.O. wanted to join You Define Wellness and, when he heard about the background check, informed us that he once had a female client file a lawsuit against him for inappropriate touching... but it was a misunderstanding.
I understand that miscommunication can occur; however, we discovered the lawsuit was a class-action lawsuit with 24 women involved!
This D.O. didn't make it into OUR network, but he IS listed with many online provider directories who don't vet their network!
We're not JUST a provider network, we know how important it is to continually support our community through opportunities for business exposure, public speaking, platforms for promoting your brilliance, and tools to ensure your success... and to do so at fees that won't break the bank.
Our business model is not to make our profit off our joining fees as online provider directories do; we have a ONE-TIME, LIFETIME membership fee with two tiers to choose from: Network Member and Premier+ Member.

Are you ready to learn more?

Our longterm goal is to have 10,000 health and wellness professionals who share our vision of delivering education on healthy living options and employer subsidized access to services... 10,000 may seem like too many, but it's not when your mission is to change the way individuals define healthcare for themselves and a goal to get our program into the largest companies. With numbers (providers & our clients) we CAN change things!

A few more things...

Our Promise...

We honor all decisions. If being part of the You Define Wellness family is not right for you, then it's not right for us either and we do not want you to feel pressured to join us.

Joining Requirements...

If you are an independent health & wellness professional (not an MLM product distributor) and can pass our background check, you can apply to join!

QUESTIONS? Let's Chat!
YDW Network November 12, 2021