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In the News

Our founder, Denise O’Malley, has a lot to say about corporate wellness and the healing industry… and she’s written numerous articles on LinkedIn.

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Joe Vanden Plas, publisher of InBusiness (Greater Madison), interviewed our founder Denise O’Malley in February, 2020.

“Redefining Wellness with an Array of Choices” 

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Christi Clemons Hoffman, the host of Radiate Wellness podcast, interviews You Define Wellness founder Denise O’Malley in this lively discussion.  Everything Denise has ever wanted to say about how our company manifested, the people who have helped shaped and formed You Define Wellness, where we’re heading, and the future of the wellness industry is included in this conversation!

There is only one modification: the name of the Facebook group Denise refers to has changed to “Facing Cancer… Wholistically.”

When organizers for the Global Workplace Wellness Summit heard about us, they came knocking at our door!  No one in the world is doing what we’ve created and they asked to showcase us not once, but twice, at their February, 2019 virtual Summit!

An author for Money magazine found us while searching for unique employee benefit programs available today that employees will still be raving about in the year 2028… and we were a perfect fit!

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In the News! March 28, 2019