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Join us for two rounds of 20-minute breakout sessions with Subject Matter Experts!

When we host breakout sessions of this length, there is always one common statement we hear: “It wasn’t enough time!”  Our objective is to keep it engaging, informative, and fun… and perhaps open you up to new ideas and thoughts about how to achieve healthy workplace environments.  We encourage you to connect with the expert after the event.


Win in the Workplace with High-Level Listening
Amy Lanci
Untold Story Enterprises

No matter who you are or what your job role is, you deserve to be heard. The key to accomplishing this isn’t by using fancy words or acting in a certain way. All you need to do is listen on a high level.  This will be a fun and interactive breakout session where everyone will get a chance to speak up and of course, be heard.

The Big Why’s of Intentional Joy and Fun
Jayne Sanders
Purpose Whisperer

Anymore, people want experiences and memories, not stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up in work, parenting, etc. and put our own self-care and joy on the back burner. Life is short! There are scientifically proven benefits to us, personally and professionally, to having more joy, happiness, and fun in your life. Make it happen!

Tips to Raise Your Energy Level
Michael Sipe
Sipe Coaching & Consulting

Are you missing the stoke in your life right now? How do we bring a higher energy level to our life? Work, family, health, finances and all the other demands drive our outer experience leading to our overall wellness and energy. In this fun, interactive and insightful breakout room, you will learn three mindfulness tips to help raise your core energy. You’ll develop a more aware consciousness that allows you to shift back into a higher vibrational state when life stressors come at you. Change your energy, change your life and bring the stoke back! 


How to Avoid BEing Triggered at Work
Dr. Natalie Forest, Ph.D.
Natalie Forest International

This is an interactive breakout room with the goal to share helpful information and practices for YOU and your teams at work.  We’ll discuss possible hurdles to a mindful and calm work environment – such as stress, anxiety & pressures – and practice possible solutions you can immediately put to work.

Achieve Emotional and Mental Balance to Improve your Well Being
Ed Bostick
Bostick Coaching & Therapy

Participants will be guided through the four step Grow From the Heart experience to improve well being at their workplace, in their homes and in their relationships.

Creating Happy Employees
Judy Hahn
Hahn Holistic Health

Statistics show that more than 50% of employees are unhappy at their jobs. Unhappy people are not productive, creative, easy going, engaged in their job, etc. This has to be impacting the bottom line in corporations. Do you see this in your company? How are you seeing in regards to stress and chronic illness in your employees? What is your company doing to create happy employees?

Let’s mastermind and find ways to help you create a culture in your corporation of camaraderie, health focus, engaged, and productive employees.

WWE About Us July 27, 2022