Workplace Wellness Ecosystem

There are many definitions of workplace ecosystems, ours is a bit different.

The Workplace Wellness Ecosystem is a supportive collaboration between all parties that may be involved in attaining and maintaining healthier and more thriving workplace environments: the corporate decision makers and influencers, the subject matter experts, and – of course – the employees.

We are bringing together experts to engage in conversation.

Corporate decision makers. Corporate Influencers. Health & wellness professionals. Employees & wellness committee members.

We CAN learn from each other and discover new ways to create healthier & more thriving workplace environments!


Join us on October 4, 2022

9am - 11am MT



9:00am MT
Welcome and Panel Discussion with Experts
Denise O'Malley
Natalie Essman
Eva Vennari
The Elevate Institute
Jelina Shah, PharmD
Jelina Shah Consulting
Julie Turney
HRatHeart Consulting, Inc.
Kat Kibben (they/them)
Three Ears Media
Natalie Forest, PhD
Natalie Forest International
9:55am MT
Creating Change is a Process: LEARN it, PLAN it, DO it
Denise O'Malley
CEO/Founder & Workplace Wellness Strategist at You Define Wellness
10:00am MT
Round One Break Out Rooms
Amy Lanci - Untold Story Enterprises
Jayne Sanders - Purpose Whisperer
Michael Sipe - Sipe Coaching & Consulting
* Win in the Workplace with High-Level Listening
Amy Lanci - Untold Story Enterprises
* The Big Whys of Intentional Joy and Fun
Jayne Sanders - Purpose Whisperer
* Tips to Raise Your Energy Level
Michael Sipe - Sipe Coaching & Consulting
10:30am MT
Round Two Break Out Rooms
Dr. Natalie Forest, Ph.D. - Natalie Forest International
Ed Bostick - Bostick Coaching & Therapy
Judy Hahn - Hahn Holistic Health
* How to Avoid BEing Triggered at Work
Dr. Natalie Forest, Ph.D. - Natalie Forest International
* Achieve Emotional and Mental Balance to Improve your Well Being
Ed Bostick - Bostick Coaching & Therapy
* Creating Happy Employees
Judy Hahn - Hahn Holistic Health
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Schedule a Discovery Zoom with You Define Wellness and hold it prior to October 1, 2022 for a guest pass to the event PLUS free admission to up to 4 mini-Master Classes in 2022.
This offer is open to corporate decision makers of workplace wellness OR health & wellness professionals
Workplace Wellness Ecosystem July 26, 2022