What is……? Video Dictionary

Have you ever wondered about a healing service (modality) and thought, "What is __________________?" We've created a Video Dictionary to answer that question!
You Define Wellness network providers are the experts at what they do and we've asked them to answer three questions:
- What is ____________________________?
- How does ____________________________ work?
- Why would someone want to try ____________________________ ?
We record new videos every Friday morning, so check back frequently!
"What is... ?" Video Dictionary

Celeste Grace – Lovewise Coaching

Denise O’Malley – You Define Wellness

Emily Wright – True Self Coaching & Energetics

Erika Schultz – Paramount Wellness

Eva Vennari – Elevate Institute

Heather Rutkowski – Emotional Resolution KC

Janet Callahan – Good Vibrations Energy Studio

Jayne Sanders – Purpose Whisperer

Lisa Smith – Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

Lorie Reichel-Howe – Conversations in the Workplace

Lorrie Scott – Green Village Biofertilizers

Mary Crawford – The Joy of Being Well

Nancy Kalsow – Kalsow Coaching & Consulting

Natalie Forest, PhD – Natalie Forest Int’l

Peggy Green – Thee Grief Specialist

Rachel Cole – Serenity Remedies

Rita Shimniok – Purely Living Wellness

Robert Sanders – Mental Health and Peace

Robin Pfaff, PhD – Flourishing with Fibromyalgia Wellness Coaching

Stephanie Lueras – Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness

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What is……? Video Dictionary June 5, 2021