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What are the 5 states of mind yoga?

The 5 States of Mind, According to The Yoga Sutras

  • Kshipta — the Monkey Mind. In this lowest state of mind, a person
    will be restless and anxious. …lack of clarity, confusion, anxiety.
  • Mudha – The Donkey Mind. This is the state when the mind is dull, lazy,
    and sluggish. …lack energy and vitality. Depression, sadness, lack of
    connection with self.
  • Vikshipta – The Butterfly Mind. …alternates between moments of
    clarity and distraction. The mind is easily distracted, changing from one
    phase to another.
  • Ekagra — One-Pointed Attention. …

4. Ekagra — One-Pointed Attention

o    This
state of mind is relaxed and focused. In one-pointed mind, one can completely
focus, without getting affected by any external agencies.

o    Symptoms
of the ekagra state include better focus, awareness, and clarity — a
prerequisite to meditation, awakening intuition, and feeling happy and whole.

o    This
is the state of mind that signifies yoga: union with the highest consciousness.
When you’re in this state, you’ve found a single-pointed focus in life that
will be unaffected by external factors. Your intuitiveness is awoken, and you
sense things beyond the five senses. Consistent yoga practice can help maintain
this state.


  • Niruddha — Fully Focused Mind.

o    5.
Niruddha — Fully Focused Mind

o    In
this state, the mind is not distracted by random thoughts but is fully
absorbed. After surpassing the state of ekagra, you will be able to hold on to
a single point of focus. This can occur during meditation or when you are fully
engaged in something. In this state of mind, nothing can distract from the
point of focus and complete stillness. When the Yogi sustains the state of
niruddha for long periods, the mind reaches a state of complete liberation

o    Symptoms
of niruddha include complete focus, stability, and calmness.

o    The
niruddha state of mind is the ultimate goal of yoga. Through the practice,
continue to internalize and begin to reconnect with the eternal peace that lies