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WellWORKSHOPS: Tracy Frank

Friday, October 29, 2021: This is a 1-hour workshop

10am PT | 11am MT | Noon CT | 1pm ET

Move from Grief to Gratitude with Aroma Freedom Technique

INSTRUCTOR: Tracy Frank, Jade Lemonaid


$19.50 with the Healthy Living Savings Card

We all carry grief within us. Grief can live deep in our bodies and play out in our thoughts, emotions and our overall wellness. Your grief may be from the loss of a loved one or from the loss of a time or place or an unrealized hope. In this WellWorkshop will walk through the process of an Aroma Freedom Technique so that you can move through your grief and into gratitude.

When you register at least one week in advance and provide your address, you will be mailed all the essential oils you need for the Aroma Freedom Technique process. The technique is a blend of the power of psychology and of nature in a bottle (essential oils). Your sense of smell is directly connected to your amygdala which means inhaling essential oils can influence the place in your brain where emotions and negative thought patterns are processed.

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WellWORKSHOPS: Tracy Frank August 8, 2021