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WellWORKSHOPS: Sharon Caren

Friday, October 15, 2021: This is a 2-hour workshop

11am PT | Noon MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET

How to Use Chakra Affirmations in your Everyday Life

INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Caren, Sharon's Unique Spirit


$39 with the Healthy Living Savings Card

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to connect to yourself?

I’m so happy to have you join me in this workshop! It’s my intention after our time together that you will better understand how to connect to your chakra’s – this is what gives you life force.

You’ll walk away from this call knowing:

How energy works (and the easy way to get connected)

Why being grounded is key (and how to get it right where most people are getting it wrong)

The life-giving power of your chakras (and why your energy has felt stagnant up until now)

The miracle of using Chakra Affirmations for vibrant aliveness (and how to maintain new energy levels instead of falling back into old patterns.)

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WellWORKSHOPS: Sharon Caren August 9, 2021