WellWORKSHOPS: Mary Crawford

Saturday, September 25, 2021: This is a 2-hr workshop

8am PT | 9am MT | 10am CT | 11am ET

Become a Confident Dowser: Tap into Your Highest Knowing

INSTRUCTOR: Mary Crawford, The Joy of Being Well

This class will take you from the very beginning stages of Dowsing to a level of confidence and knowing that you are getting the right answers. The class includes:

 How to use the tools
 How to clear and balance yourself
 How to ask questions for the most accurate results
 How to know if you are getting the right answers
 How to test your results
 When it is not appropriate to dowse
 Methods for attuning your dowsing instruments

In addition, you will learn a method from my Advance Dowsing Class for testing the frequency of products and remedies you use.

Before the class you will receive handouts via email that can remain digital except for the Dowsing Chart that must be printed so you can work with it during the class. You will need to have a pendulum for this class. They can be found online or in a local rock or metaphysical shop.

If you have questions, you can email Mary at mary@thejoyofbeingwell.com.

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Mary is a phenomenal teacher - incredibly knowledgable and kind! I recommend this class to everyone, who is interested in connecting with their higher self and intuition.

S.K. on 9/25/2021

Mary Crawford has a great instructional style: confident, patient, and absolutely knowledgeable about the subject matter! I feel comfortable continuing to dowse on my own!

Denise O'Malley - Denver, CO

WellWORKSHOPS: Mary Crawford August 21, 2021