WellWORKSHOPS: Jennilynne Coley

Friday, October 8, 2021: This is a 2-hour workshop

9:30am PT | 10:30am MT | 11:30am CT | 12:30pm ET

Permission to Thrive: a guide to stop SURVIVING and start THRIVING in all areas of life

INSTRUCTOR: Jennilynne Coley, The De-Stress Lounge


$39.00 with the Healthy Living Savings Card

Are you tired of spinning on the hamster wheel you’ve come to accept as the reality of your life?

While there is a gift in acknowledging what is showing up in front of you, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than what you actually desire. It’s okay to give yourself permission to dream, and actually have a life that works for you…in all areas of your life.

Let’s explore some practical tips and tools to empower yourself to THRIVE.

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WellWORKSHOPS: Jennilynne Coley August 26, 2021