WellWORKSHOPS: Denise O’Malley Confident Communicator

Choose your group! This is a 4-week WORKSHOP; 2 hours per week

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

2pm PT | 3pm MT | 4pm CT | 5pm ET

Confident Communicators! A public speaking workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Denise O'Malley, You Define Wellness


$280.00 with the Healthy Living Savings Card

You Define Wellness network members are invited to attend as our guest; check our private Facebook group for the code or contact us.

Normal retail price for this workshop is $1,000

Picture this scenario: you’ve been invited to speak to a group of people who are your ideal clients. Everything is riding on this presentation, you know you HAVE to nail it! Your hands are clammy, your stomach is tied in knots and – suddenly – you can’t remember the first line of your speech much less the point you want to make.

This happens to ALL public speakers and the trick is learning to be comfortable in front of a microphone and getting the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation.

We will combine a variety of speaking styles in this workshop: from extemporaneous to prepared speeches, 1-3-5 minute drills, and more. It's a safe environment to hone your skills and develop new material.

In this 4-week workshop, you'll take away skills you can use anywhere, anytime and be a Confident Communicator!


Denise O'Malley has literally been in front of a microphone for almost 50 years having started at a young age in Girl Scouts and Rainbow Girls. Later in her career she competed on the national stage for the National Association of Insurance Women and taught Communicate with Confidence classes. As the founder of You Define Wellness, she's conquered the fear of hosting Facebook LIVE events and created more than 150 videos for our YouTube library.

WellWORKSHOPS: Denise O’Malley Confident Communicator September 7, 2021