WellTalks: Tracy Revell


I’m a Presence and Confidence Coach. I serve individuals and organizations with a wide variety of private and group programs that produce Professionally Empowered, Personally Grounded people who have reclaimed confidence at all levels, from the inside out.

You see—throughout my life, I came to recognize that everything is interconnected: our bodies and our connection with them, our awareness and acceptance of our emotions and our confidence, which directly effects our ability to be successful in the world.

Today, I am blessed to work with clients from all walks of life around the world. I guide individuals to: reset, reconnect and renew their nervous systems, connecting within their bodies in a completely new way; blend their creative and structured sides; develop their emotional and intellectual intelligence balance and ultimately cultivate the internal trust and power necessary to create success in the external world.

WellTalks: Tracy Revell July 14, 2021