WellTalks: Teri Sewell

Teri is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert and Walking Movement Leader who mixes her passions of holistic nutrition, travel, walking, liquid nutrition (juicing and blending), and adventure into a lifestyle program.

Passionate about Plant Rich Eating, Teri created The Plant Based Kitchen Party Experience featuring Liquid Smoothies and Juicing, Healing Diets, and Healthful Eating to Nurture Body and Soul!  She also has a Loving Yourself to Wellness workshop focusing on self-care and living a happy and healthy Life.

Her signature programs are the Art of Aging Program and the PURE Plant-Based Whole Foods Program.  She moved to Colorado 20 years ago, and enjoys spending time outdoors, walking, hiking, biking and laughing.  She travels around the world on a regular basis.

Teri swears by Clean eating, Staying active no matter where she is, Regular cleanses, Paying attention to how she feels, Mixing up her workouts, Striving for balance.

WellTalks: Teri Sewell July 14, 2021