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Wellness Plan Advocate

Take control of your career by becoming a Wellness Plan Advocate with You Define Wellness!

You’re ready for a change, your next adventure, or perhaps you’re simply passionate about healthy living.  Whatever your reason for being here… WELCOME!

You Define Wellness is committed to two things…

  1. Supporting independent health & wellness professionals; and,
  2. Creating programs that help people live happier, healthier & more thriving lives.

We are ultimately a sales organization and to fulfill the commitments above we’re looking for a few good people to join our team as Wellness Plan Advocates.

We’ve put a few things on this page just for you: position description, what we provide, prospecting paths and the Agreement for you to review commissions and much more!

If you have questions after reviewing everything here, click the button below to schedule a 1:1 consultation with us!

Position Description

Bottom line, this is an independent contractor sales position… we’ve just given it a fancy name.  Truth is, you can call yourself a Wellness Warrior if you want to!

Here’s the job…
  • Convert prospects (yours and ours) into clients.

Okay, okay, okay… although accurate, that’s a little too basic of a description.

We’re looking for dynamos who can build relationships – and close sales – with one of our ideal client profiles:

We’re also looking for those with ambition to help grow our organization.  We’ll first look to our team members to promote from within for management-level positions as we create them.  Imagine getting in on the ground floor of a new niche product that consumers actually want and need… that’s the opportunity that exists with You Define Wellness!

Review the Agreement

Where are you located?(Required)
You’ll be an independent contractor. This means it’s commission only, but it also means…
  • You set your own hours
  • You work wherever you want
  • You decide how you’re going to work

You also control your income and there are no limits!  Check out the graph at right to see how your commissions can increase as your business grows!

We’ve created tools for marketing success…

CRM with 5,000+ leads ready to work

We provide:
  • A dynamic, unique proprietary product in an untapped niche industry
  • Weekly Team update and training meetings
  • One-on-one training as requested including joint calls
  • Online Policy & Procedures Manual to answer your questions (note: watch as we grow the available information)
  • Customized marketing material and business card templates to print wherever you wish
  • You Define Wellness e-mail address


Wellness Plan Advocate June 21, 2022