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Wellness PathFinder Certification

We’re launching a Wellness PathFinder program!

61% of people fall into a category we call “Don’t’s”… people who don’t engage in self care activities for a variety of reasons including not knowing where to begin.  At You Define Wellness, we have a network of passionate, dedicated healthy living professionals who yearn to help these individuals!  While we embrace the knowledge that you are trained professionals, you don’t have all the skills and information to help the clients who will seek the services of one of our Wellness PathFinders.  Thus, we’ve created a certification program for those desiring to work with these clients.

We’ve received some excellent questions and are providing our responses below.  Please note: We assume you’ve already watched the video to learn more about the program before reading this page.

What is the purpose of the Wellness PathFinder position? Is it sales for You Define Wellness, a way to market ourselves, or is it truly to help the customer get their needs met by helping them find the right pathway?

WE CANNOT STATE THIS EMPHATICALLY ENOUGH: The ONLY reason for the PathFinder position is to help the client through introducing them to a trained professional whose passion is to help them find their way to healthy living.

Do you have set pathways (to use/recommend)?

No, we don't believe that is our responsibility. It is the responsibility of the educated PathFinder to use their knowledge and experience to advise the individual as they would any other client but from a perspective of helping them identify and accept a path that is right for them.

How many PathFinders are you planning to have?

We'll start with a few and add them as needed.

It seems having one or two pathfinders positions for each state YDW is in or a few more depending how many companies you are dealing with.

One or two in each state would be fine if we aren't planning to grow. All of you have your own business clients and probably can't take more than a couple Health Assessment clients in a month. I anticipate that there could be providers of ours who decide this is easy work and will want to focus their entire business on working with the Health Assessment clients (it's already been mentioned to me). They probably couldn't work with more than 5 a day or 25 a week... and quite frankly that would be on the high side of what we'd want them to handle. Having 1-2 in a state LIMITS the number of clients we can on-board.

You said the current PathFinders are able to get paid to train new PathFinders. If you don't know how many you'll need, is this income opportunity real?

We're working on building business nationwide. We just opened a door yesterday to a company with 500 employees spread out across the United States. We've been in discussions with an employer in Colorado with 1,400 employees along the Front Range. We see the opportunity for employers dealing with the same issues for their employees and who will see the Health Assessment as a long range, cost-effective solution. Any one of these companies could say 'yes' to us in a minute and we'll be scrambling fast to meet the need. 4-6 PathFinders are a start for today; as opportunities develop and we know more about reach with partnerships we're working on, we'll add quickly more providers.

So the income opportunity is real. When we have a large employer say 'yes', the existing certified PathFinders will be asked to train the next group. If 4 of them certify 4 others, and those 16 certify 4 others... we can expand quickly.

I don't understand charging us for the training, when You Define Wellness and its providers benefit from connecting the business/customer to the right pathway for them.

Everything we are doing and building is for the benefit of generating business for our network providers; You Define Wellness is simply the conduit by which that happens.

* As such, every 'product' we create pays a super majority to the network provider and ensures you will receive the rates you want. The exception is the Healthy Living Savings Card which does not pay the provider. When our business model is for you to receive normal retail rates, it limits what we can charge the customer so our profit margin is EXTREMELY LOW.

* The Health Assessment product when offered to the public will obviously result in some income for You Define Wellness; albeit 25% of the cost as 75% is paid to the network provider PLUS any additional the client pays at time of service to equal the rate you want to receive.

The PathFinder certification fee is to cover the cost of the instructor, the administrative services, and the platform expenses. I don't have a problem charging a fee for the time it takes for us to get them trained on systems, the opportunity, and the modalities when I know the PathFinders will be receiving 100% of their normal retail rate (or the amount they choose) when they see the Health Assessment clients. To offer it for free would mean we would have to change the compensation model.

Take advantage of the discount we’re offering for the first certification class!

DATE: 1/2/2021
TIME: 8am – 1pm’ish (mountain time zone)

This is an online class; details and link to join the training will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

Wellness PathFinder Certification August 20, 2020