Wellness in a Box

Re-Defining Corporate Wellness

We understand – now more than ever after COVID-19 – the importance of ensuring employees are happy, healthy & thriving.

To attain and maintain optimal health requires commitment, education, access to the experts, and support from friends, family & employers.  Going it alone increases the odds of failure and many do not know where to start.

Corporate wellness programs are plentiful but varied.  Each has its own approach from DIY to in-house coaching.  None have what You Define Wellness offers: a nationwide community of independent healthy living professionals passionate about sharing their expertise with your employees!

With this community (network), we can do many things… deliver in-house wellness education programs, affordable access to services, and health fairs for employees, their families, and your clients (if you choose).

Combined with our 20+ years of employee benefits experience, we understand delivering programs that align with your existing benefits package in scope, communication, and delivery.

If you are looking for a corporate wellness program with games, contests, challenges, fitness trackers, cool apps, and biometrics... we are not the program for you.

We are a much simpler concept...

We excel at delivering education and access solutions for those seeking a happy, healthy & thriving life and bringing them together with the experts who can show them the way.

Are you a retiree, self-employed, or simply someone looking for individual wellness support?  Check out our Wellness in a Box… for Individuals!

Wellness in a Box April 22, 2020

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