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Welcome to Natural Body Wisdom – where we change lives one bite at a time

I am Phyllis and I am a Hypnotic Nutrition Coach. Phyllis and Natural Body Wisdom teaches you ​that nutrition and food are the foundation for all that we do in life.

I graduated from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in accounting. I am a Certified Hypnotic Coach. This diverse academic background has helped me understand that good nutrition starts with the mind.  Letting go of weight for good, health and longevity are not about following fad diets but about allowing yourself to explore your own lifestyle, mindset and roadblocks and how to remove them. 

I’ll support you with coaching strategies, nutrition principles and the amazing power of hypnosis that will give you the strategies you are looking for. Strategies that are nourishing, doable, sustainable, and that yield the best results.