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Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health LLC

1035 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado - 80303

Sharon Harvey Alexander, C-IAYT is the director of Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health LLC. She helps talented, successful, yet stressed out professional women who wear many hats (and other people, too) to establish balance in their lives so that they may bring their best self into all they do.

Many of these women are experiencing subtle changes to their health, and seek a non-medical approach to reclaiming, maintaining, or elevating their well-being. Sharon develops wellness protocols to help her clients feel more centered, focused, and capable. Each protocol she develops is tailored to the unique individual.

Trained as a Professional Yoga Therapist and Certified Holistic Stress Management Educator, Sharon completed her undergraduate studies in Clinical Nutrition, did graduate work in Urban Planning, and in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. She has worked in hospitals, schools, for nonprofit organizations, and in city government. The theme of her work has always been to cultivate balance and harmony – among eco systems, with people of various backgrounds, between humankind and the environment, and within the individual person, too. She uses various tools which include but are not limited to creative movement, breath work, wellness personality assessments, reiki, mudras, mantras, and meditations suited to the particular client.

Contact her today to learn more, or to schedule a virtual or in-person wellness assessment with her. www.MountainWisdomWholisticHealth.com


What gives me great joy is to see a client or group of employees tap into the source of well-being that exists within them, and start to feel better almost immediately – about themselves, their work, and their place in the world.