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Lindsay Lou Rogers

I am an exception to the norm when it comes to customer service. Making a connection with and between people has been my lifelong journey and mission. Learning about people and what makes them tick is what makes my service stand out from others. Knowing how a person thinks, what their goals are and what works best for them has given me the opportunity to create a product line that best suits their needs. Taking the time to learn about people up front is the best way to ensure they build a solid foundation on their path and grow wings to soar along it. I make getting to know clients a priority from the get go.

WHAT GIVES ME JOY ABOUT THE WORK I DO: I am a unique combination when it comes to joy. Seeing people’s eyes light up when they learn something new or implement a change is what gives me joy. I have seen so many people have a sigh of relief when coming to one of my classes and feeling welcome or when they try a product that makes their skin feel silky smooth. That look of, “Ah, I have finally found what I was looking for.” That is what motivates me. Creating a feeling or an experience that leaves them feeling wonderful inside.