Multiple techniques for physical health and emotional wellness with Young Living essential oils, Non-toxic cleaning and body care, ITovi scans to customize techniques for individuals.

Hello! Welcome to Jade Lemonaid!!
I am excited to be sharing my love of all things essential oils and non toxic living.
I first started exploring non toxic living when I became a mom and wanted to give my kids a healthy start in life. I then dove in even deeper when my mom was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Every day I learn something I wish I would have known sooner and I know there is still much more to learn. I would love to explore with you how you might be able to use the power of nature to take a step towards greater health and wellness. Make an appointment with me now for an initial no cost consultation.
I am especially interested in supporting people through emotional release and towards more healthy ways of thinking about themselves. One way that I do this is through the Aroma Freedom Technique. I was certified in this technique in 2018 and have been supporting people through memory release, goal setting, stress release and more ever since. The techniques were developed by a clinical psychologist and all use essential oils to reach deep into the limbic system in the brain where our memories and mental blocks are stored. Check out the additional information about this process as well as a sample video on this page.
Other supports include lifestyle coaching to remove toxins from your home and body and Itovi scans that measure frequencies in your body to determine what oils may support your emotional health and body systems. I have already supported over 30 people through the process of getting started with Young Living essential oils. Young Living, a clear leader in the essential oil industry, is the brand I trust for purity and quality.
I am now able to provide many of my services virtually to anyone, anywhere and can send clients the essential oils needed as part of the service. Please check out my services to see what might be a good fit for you and your needs. I’d love to walk you through your options.
Lastly the name Jade Lemonaid comes from my all time favorite essential oil, Jade Lemon, and the aid I can provide to others. Jade Lemon has a lemon/lime smell and is emotionally connected to the state of balance in our minds and bodies. Life sure has been interesting these past few months but when life gives you lemons, what do you make? Of course LemonAID! 🍋

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: I love sharing about essential oils and the many uses for them. I also find joy in being able to listen to the health and wellness needs of others in order to suggest essential oil techniques or protocols that may support each individual. 


Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner Certification 2018
Neuro-Auricular Technique Training 2020