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Grace Filled Nutrition LLC

My career as a holistic nutritionist stemmed from my own personal health journey. In 2012, I began to experience numerous health challenges. The most concerning of which anxiety, fatigue (leaving me bedridden for days) and hearing loss. After enduring repeated misdiagnoses, I knew that I needed to explore alternative options to conventional treatments.

I used scientific research, education, and medical technology to delve into the root cause of my illness. I am now able to manage my autoimmune disorders so that they don’t control me.

Recent studies have demonstrated the strong interactions between the gut microbiome and the brain. Additionally, the gut microbiome plays a vital role in many autoimmune disorders. I’m able to combine my holistic nutrition training with my personal experiences to help clients not only improve their health but their overall lifestyle.nnI offer nutrition consultations to tailor to your unique needs. They include dietary changes and menu planning, lifestyle adjustments and strategies, and medical-grade supplements.

For local clientele, I offer sessions to improve digestion and circulation. I utilize an FDA registered Class 1 Medical Device that improves the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal, sleep management, cardiac function, stress reduction and relaxation, concentration and mental acuity, muscle stimulation and endurance.

WHAT BRINGS ME JOY ABOUT THE WORK I DO: When my clients develop the confidence to effectively improve and manage their health concerns, with dignity and respect. They become empowered through the education, resources and support that I strive to provide.