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Emotional Resolution KC-Holistic Health and Wellness


I have been diving into health and wellness since my late teens. I knew I had health issues, but I could not find the help I was looking for because I was unwilling to take medications. I wanted to find the answer to healing my body and emotional state. I have learned much along the path, through training as a Certified Pastry Chef and Chef to having three children, homeschooling, and staying home to raise them.

As I found modalities that helped me heal along the way I could feel that I wanted to train in them and share them with others. The last few years have taught me a lot. I am not here to heal others, but only here to be a guide for their healing.

I have learned tools that can help you find your own path to healing.  These tools are powerful when used alone, or with other modalities and holistic healthcare that you already implement into your life. A healthy life is a package of many tools that we need to use from healthy foods, emotional care, to physical care and activity.  I can help guide you in your own healing with Emotional Resolution and BodyTalk sessions.


      Associates of Applied Science/ Hopitality Management/ Pastry Chef and Chef

      Certified Emotional Resolution® (EmRes®) Practitioner,  Emotional Health Institute

      Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, IBA (International BodyTalk Association)

      Reiki Master/Teacher

Connect with me for an Emotional Resolution or BodyTalk session. Sessions can be Virtual from anywhere or In-Person.

Emotional Resolution® (EmRes®)

Does your daily life represent your desired journey?

Emotional Resolution addresses and permanently clears emotional difficulties that are keeping you from living your full life. Do you suffer from claustrophobia or have anxiety while driving? Do you feel anxiety on a regular basis or just don’t feel like you are as happy as you want to feel?  Do you feel shy around others, or deal with anger? These emotional difficulties can be addressed and permanently resolved.

Everyday we deal with emotions and stresses. Do you find yourself using techniques to cope, which calm your emotions, but when the triggers reappear, your stress is back?

You do not need to continue to feel triggered into uncomfortable stresses from situations in your life. All humans have the natural ability to calm these sensory imprints in our bodies. This natural ability called Emotional Resolution (EmRes) is described as viscero-somatic quieting, which connects you to the origin of the difficult emotion through your physical sensations.


BodyTalk is a healthcare system founded in Quantum Physics.  All of our body’s systems, cells, and subatomic particles are connected. They are also connected with everyone and everything in our environment. Our bodies have the natural ability to stay healthy and balanced (innate wisdom).  This communication within the body can be disturbed by stress, thoughts, and exposure to environmental factors.  BodyTalk moves past just finding symptoms and attempting to eliminate or relieve those symptoms. It is a way to connect with the body’s innate wisdom to really explore the priority for your body.  BodyTalk assists your body in its natural ability to strengthen and improve one’s health.  Address physical and emotional issues that are current in your day to day life, and also past events that may still be affecting your body’s ability to stay well.