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We hereby agree to offer the You Define Wellness (YDW) WELLNESS IN A BOX (WellBox) for the benefit of our employees.  Depending on the plan we have selected the WellBox plan consists of:

  • 1x MONTH: An in-depth employee survey & needs analysis, eleven group wellness education classes delivered monthly, one annual Health Fair for employees, family members, and/or clients mid-year, and a Healthy Living Savings Card per enrolled employee based on quantity specified at application.
  • 2x MONTH: All of the above plus one additional Experiential wellness education class per month.
  • 4x MONTH: All of the above PLUS an extra wellness education or Experiential wellness education class per month AND a monthly meditation/mindfulness class.

We agree that this program will remain in effect for one year from the program start date and will automatically continue as of the renewal date indicated above and all subsequent years until terminated in writing by us.  We understand that the rates stated in this Agreement are valid for the initial plan year only; the rate may be adjusted by YDW prior to subsequent plan years.

We understand it is our responsibility to notify YDW of any additional new hires to include in this program and will be invoiced a pro-rata plan rate for said new employees.

We understand enrollment in WellBox is an honor-based system and a list of eligible and enrolled employees is not requested by YDW.  We also understand that if more employees attend wellness education classes or the annual Health Fair than was specified on the application, we will be invoiced $10 per additional per person, per event.

We understand this program is not subject to COBRA or State Continuation but have the right to offer it as a benefit to former employees in accordance to our internal applicable procedures.

By completing the application below and submitting payment, we acknowledge that the YDW program has been explained in full, that YDW is not an insurance program nor is it a replacement for traditional medical insurance, and we fully accept and subscribe to all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

Wellness in a Box

  • This will determine the number of Healthy Living Savings Cards we will deliver to your office and assumed participation in education offerings.
    PEPY - Per Employee, Per Year
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Wellbox Order Form April 22, 2020

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