Wednesday Speakers: Spirit

8am MDT / 9am CDT

Richelle Kemper

Be Strong and Confident

Coffee & Connections Networking

9am MDT / 10am CDT

Rod Thomson

Imagine If Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Creating and Setting Intent

10am MDT / 11am CDT

Shane Sale

Inner Light Shines

What Should I Do?


Kevin Carton

KC Coaching, Inc.

Standing Firm While Your World is Shaking

1pm MDT / 2pm CDT

Kate Tomasson

Inner Joy Awakenings, LLC

Becoming More of Who You Are Takes Flow

2pm MDT / 3pm CDT
Nancy Kalsow

Nancy Kalsow,

Kalsow Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Positively Contagious

(no, not THAT type of contagious!)

3pm MDT / 4pm CDT

Richelle Kemper

Be Strong and Confident

Energy Upgrades in our Time Sacred Changes

4pm MDT / 5pm CDT

Meghan Baumann

Transcend Healing

Closing Meditation

On behalf of the dozens of healthy living professionals who are participating in Staytreat 2020, THANK YOU for allowing us to be part of your life! It is truly an honor to support you during this unprecedented time.

Denise O'Malley, Founder

You Define Wellness
Wednesday Speakers: Spirit April 4, 2020

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