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“What happens if an employee does not use their session before it expires?”

This is a valid concern! Although our intent is every session will be used by employees, we understand that will not always be the case.  Session expired

In a moment we’ll talk about remedies, but we think you should know first what happens with the unused but expired session. (Employees have 90 days to use each activated session).

Within 30 days of the session expiring, you will receive a credit for 1/2 of the value of the session. Value is interpreted as the amount we would compensate a provider had services been rendered.

The other half will be used to support o a non-profit group that provides alternative and holistic health care to the underserved and low-income in our community… and you can select from a growing list of organizations that currently includes:



Are you a metro-Denver area non-profit organization who provides alternative/holistic health care services to the community and are interested in getting on this list? Contact us!

Remedies to Prevent Unused Sessions

We want every session to be used if at all possible. When sessions go unused, we will be evaluating the reasons and here are two of the most common solutions:

  • We may need to sit down with employees not using their session and provide additional education and assistance.
  • Employees who flat out do not want to participate, we will ask them to sign a waiver and opt out of the plan.

This plan is a valuable benefit to employees, not only for the financial success of your organization, but for the employees overall well-being. We will work with you on solutions.

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