Virtual Wellness Experience

Join us for a fun, 2-hour event every Thursday evening through the end of May, 2020!

5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Only $5 per event!

What IS a Virtual Wellness Experience?

You Define Wellness had the intention of launching in-person Neighborhood Wellness Experiences in 2020... but life gave us a detour.

Since we cannot do in-person events, we've reconstructed the format. Using technology, participants will go into themed breakout rooms hosted by one of our network providers and have a healthy living EXPERIENCE! Every 20-minutes we'll switch rooms ensuring you have several different experiences!

Theme rooms may include:
– Healing at Home
– Health Coaching / Food & Nutrition Life Skills
– Fitness at Home
– Meditation / mindfulness
– Financial issues in these times
– Life coach / positivity
– Parenting in a Pandemic
– Relationships in a Pandemic
– Working from Home

Every event is unique as we're bringing to you a mixture of professionals committed to ensuring you have a great Experience!

May 14, 2020 Presenters:
  • Sonya Sullins, Disrupt to Discover ZaZaZu: Move past fear and move into adaptability and resilience
  • Rita Shimniok, Purely Living Wellness: Assessing Your Toxic Burden Levels
  • Patricia Huggett, The Best Version of You: Sleep and the Immune System
  • Nicole Grams, Offbeat Health: Creating a vision of your future – An exercise to get answers from “future you” 

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Note: Hosting a theme room is exclusively for You Define Wellness Network Providers

Virtual Wellness Experience April 15, 2020

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