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Mental Health / Emotional Wellness

A faith-based approach to mental health counseling

Loren Laughlin, PsyD

Abounding Heart Counseling, PLLC

A Conversation with Melove Tindall: The Journey to a Passion for Hypnotherapy

Melove Tindall, CHT

Inner Soundness

Collaborating author of "Expect Miracles: 10 Beautiful Souls Share Stories of Hope, Inspiration & Transformation" by Sue Dumais

Diana Calvo

Diana Calvo Coaching, LLC

How to Use Compassion to Transform Your Health

Sierra Frost

Invitation Wellness

National Summit for Mental Health and Mental Fitness

Katherine Sellery

International Association for Human Values

What is Embodied Counseling?

Robin Miner, MACP

Robin Miner, LLC

Working with first responders and others impacted by trauma

Anissa Cordova, PhD

Anissa M. Cordova, PhD

What to Expect in working with Robin Miner, MACP

Robin Miner, MACP

Robin Miner, LLC

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