DWV Intuitives, Psychics and More

Intuitives, Psychics and More

Of all the categories for wellness that we offer, this category receives the most criticism. Wellness experts frown on our inclusion of modalities that are either misunderstood, little to no medical evidence of effectiveness, and a little 'out there.'

Here's our response: "If what you do reduces your stress level and gives you peace of mind, is that not a form of wellness?"

Before you judge, we urge you to learn more and try different paths to living a healthy life... the journey will be more interesting when you do!

Embrace Your Inner Light and Finally Be Enough!

Dena Gould

Light of Mine, LLC

Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression

Dagmar Oktabcova

The Spiritual Healer

The experience of working with an intuitive

Marlene Prinzing

The Prinzing Method™

DWV Intuitives, Psychics and More July 31, 2019