Transitions Agenda: Wellness Fair

Our Wellness FAIR is like no other with a focus on experiential learning about alternative paths to healthy living from the experts in our network.

At You Define Wellness, we talk often about the 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, social, occupational, intellectual and environmental.

We've divided our Wellness FAIR into two sections: one for modalities typically thought of as traditional by corporate wellness standards (physical, mental, financial), and one for the other 5 dimensions of wellbeing including non-traditional / holistic / New Age... because it all combines into who we are!

Welcome to Part 1!

Join us tomorrow for our Wellness FAIR Part 2: Non-traditional / Holistic / New Age!

------------------- Friday, August 27, 2021 -------------------

WELLNESS FAIR: PART 1 - TRADITIONAL 'WELLNESS' (Physical, Mental, Financial)

GOAL: Provide opportunities to learn about healthy living practices with panel discussions and virtual experiences.

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

Natalie Forest, PhD.

Natalie Forest Int'l

Hamburg, Germany

Welcome to the Wellness Fair: Part 1 at Transitions 2021!

We've planned a fun and engaging line-up of activities for you with self-care activities, a dynamite keynote speaker on Confidence and leading into the Virtual Wellness Experience.

We believe the BEST way to learn about modalities you're unfamiliar with is to actually EXPERIENCE them... and that's what our Virtual Wellness Experience (VWE) is all about. Participants in our 2020 VWE's raved about them saying, "The time was too short!" and they wanted more!

In Part 1, we're going to explore what are commonly thought of as traditional forms of wellness: whole body health, life purpose, pain management, financial wellbeing and more. Don't forget to join us for Part 2 tomorrow when we dive in to holistic and new age modalities.

We are glad you're here!

1:00pm MDT


1:10pm MDT

Energize Your Posture!

Anne Asher

Posturally, LLC

Madison, WI

1:30pm MDT


Confidence in Change: Embrace the Power!

Tracy Revell

Embodied Confidence

Denver, CO

We have been systematically taught to ignore our instincts and intuition-our soul’s way of communicating with and through us. This creates an unconscious discord within. THIS is what is affecting the mental health of so many. Having Faith and embodying your personal power/confidence are the keys to successfully navigating change!

2:15pm MDT

The Virtual Wellness Experience: Many Dimensions of Wellbeing (Physical, Mental Health, Financial)

Are you ready for an experience?

PART 1: Each of our coaches will introduce themselves, talk about their area of expertise, and share what experience you'll have in Part 2.

PART 2: This is where the fun begins! We'll go into breakout rooms on Zoom for about 15 minutes with each Coach leading an experience in their room. For the first round, you will be randomly assigned to a room... just believe that wherever you land is exactly where you need to be!

PART 3: We'll come back together in the main room and for the next two rounds YOU select the room you want to visit. We will do this as many times as time allows.

Past participants LOVED the Virtual Wellness Experiences and the only complaint was the time FLIES by so fast in a room!

Erika Schultz, DACM, LAc, ACN

Paramount Wellness

Wheat Ridge, CO

Kevin Sandieson

Fortress Planning Group

Pewaukee & Madison, WI

Robert Sanders

Mental Health and Peace

Colorado Springs, CO

Robin Pfaff, EdD, NBC-HWC

Flourishing with Fibromyalgia Wellness Coaching

Lakewood, CO

Tracy Frank

Jade Lemonaid

Sun Prairie, WI

3:40pm MDT

Breathe, Ground & Remember

Sharon Caren

Sharons Unique Spirit

Pacifica, CA

3:55pm MDT

Closing Comments - Q&A

4:00pm MDT



Want more? The Zoom will be open after the session to visit with the speakers and sponsors via group or break out rooms!

Join us tomorrow for our Wellness FAIR Part 2: Non-traditional / Holistic / New Age!

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Transitions Agenda: Wellness Fair June 16, 2021