Transitions: Health & Wellness Professionals Track

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SMALL BUSINESS TRACK: Collaboration leads to Success

GOAL: Provide opportunities to build community, collaboration and successful / thriving practices and businesses.

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

Karlton Hoskins

iDue Systems

Denton, TX

It takes a special kind of grit to launch your own business! The entire weight of success is on your shoulders. It's up to you to not only have the brilliant concept for your business, but you also have to get and service the clients.

The only problem is you might not have the skills - yet - to achieve the success you envision!

This session is for YOU! We're bringing together some of the brightest minds to plant seeds for your growth and success.

We are glad you're here!

Is your business the one you envisioned it would be?

You're passionate about what you do and your dream is to share it with others... your way.

With great gusto, you envisioned your business...

... hung out your shingle...

... threw open the proverbial doors...

After you've worked through your friends and family, WHERE do you find your clients?

You Define Wellness, iDue Systems, and The YOU Brand have created a unique collaboration designed to support you in your business growth... and you're going to want to hear about this!

... and no one was there.


Masha Pavlova

The YOU Brand

Madison, WI

Karlton Hoskins

iDue Systems

Denton, TX

Speed Coaching


You've heard of Speed Dating. You've probably heard of Speed Networking. This is Speed Coaching!

We've assembled a dynamite team of business coaches with expertise in a wide variety of areas to join Masha & Karlton for Speed Coaching. You'll meet them in a panel format... and then the fun REALLY begins!

Using the breakout room feature of Zoom, you'll meet with a coach for 15-min and experience an activity they've prepared. We'll come back together and then you'll select another room to visit. We'll do this a few times.

It's fun, it's fast, and you'll love it!



Tired of the busyness trap and want to learn how to set priorities to keep you focusing on what really matters? Come join my room!

We'll explore lead generation and/or public speaking challenges!

Possibilities through Positivity discussion

Polly Fleming

The Art of You

Distill the essence of your business purpose and mission for CLARITY!

Tina Paulus-Krause

True You Teams

We have a fun LEADERSHIP quiz!

The YDW World

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

You've got a great business idea and you launched your own business... to do it YOUR way, to achieve success based 100% on your vision.

You're not alone... thousands of people set out as entrepreneurs with the same mindset.

They just didn't realize how 'alone' they'd feel.

Denise O'Malley has worked with thousands of independent entrepreneurs in her career and created a world of connection, community and collaboration with You Define Wellness.

Breathing as Self Care

Sharon Harvey Alexander, C-IAYT

Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health

Boulder, CO

As the founder and director of Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health LLC, Sharon Harvey Alexander is on a mission to elevate well-being across the planet, one breath, one person at a time. She is a natural healer, creative movement specialist, whole health advocate, wellness educator and breathing coach who offers simple yet profound techniques designed to expertly melt away strain, stress, and inner darkness so that you can live a vibrant life at any age.

The work that Sharon does has evolved over more than 30 years and is a blend of many different somatic and energy healing modalities. Her intent is to help you cultivate greater levels of nourishing self-awareness and combine that with aligned and inspired physical action, meditative movement, and mindfulness that is fueled by a powerful connection to life force energy.