Transitions: Health & Wellness Professionals Track

This track has been specifically designed for independent health & wellness professionals, but any small business will benefit from the content we provide!

We're working on building and delivering to you an event like you haven't seen before! We will be updating this page as we finalize activities and speakers. Watch for updates!

------------------- Thursday, August 26, 2021 -------------------

Note: This event has been moved from 8/28/2021

SMALL BUSINESS TRACK: Collaboration leads to Success

GOAL: Provide opportunities to build community, collaboration and successful / thriving practices and businesses.

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

Denise O'Malley understands the highs and lows of being an independent health care professional after working with thousands since 2005 - plus being married to an independent massage therapist since 1997! You Define Wellness was originally created with the intent of selling the platform to a corporate health and wellness entity, but she realized by doing so it would hurt her own husband's practice. It was in that moment that she dedicated herself to supporting and uplifting independent health and wellness professionals so that they can succeed.

Karlton Hoskins

iDue Systems

Denton, TX

Karlton Hoskins, is a Maverick Sustainability Architect on a mission to ensure small
businesses thrive. He is a passionate problem solver who cares about helping people
with a smile on his face. Karlton is an Executive Producer for The Better Your Business
Show, a seasoned entrepreneur and pioneering business solutionist who is the
visionary behind the groundbreaking tool Pillar Five.

After watching the demise of several companies during his years in business financing,
Karlton reversed engineered the age old business life cycle stages, making them
objective and actionable. He is one of the innovators behind the 5 Pillar Of Business
Sustainability in order to take on the bold mission of reducing the 30 year old death
rate, which still plagues more than 76% of businesses by year 10.

1:00pm MDT

Welcome & Networking

1:30pm MDT

Is your business the one you envisioned it would be?

You're passionate about what you do and your dream is to share it with others... your way.

With great gusto, you envisioned your business...

... hung out your shingle...

... threw open the proverbial doors...

... and no one was there.

After you've worked through your friends and family, WHERE do you find your clients?

HOW do you get clients; after all, marketing probably isn't your forté.

We are here for you! Join this session where we'll bring to you resources, delve into the business matters you don't want to deal with, and help you take the next step!

Karlton Hoskins

iDue Systems

Denton, TX

Karlton Hoskins is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer at iDue Systems, LLC.

Pillar Five by IDue Systems is a business solution for entrepreneurs providing them a checklist of action items that when completed leads to a successful business.

Masha Pavlova

The YOU Brand

Madison, WI

My name is Maria Pavlova, but you can call me Masha. I love to collaborate, brainstorm, and get to know more incredible people from all over the globe to see how we can work together to achieve our goals and make this world a better place!

I am the Founder & CEO of The YOU Brand as well as MDP Studio, a branding and photography business that works one-on-one with incredible influencers and women in business to align them with their vision, purpose and the perfect client.

3:20pm MDT

Collaboration & Referrals with Stephanie Lueras

Stephanie Lueras is a master about collaboration with other independent practitioners and giving referrals! As one of our Executive Sponsors, we've asked Stephanie to join us and share some of her wisdom in this session.

We're thankful for Stephanie's support of the work we're doing and look forward to hearing her words of wisdom in this session.

3:30pm MDT

If you want to pitch your wellness program to companies, you better know this...

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

You've got a great program you've created and you want to market it to employers because, after all, that's where the people are!

If this is you, you're not alone. The majority of coaches Denise O'Malley has met with in the past five years have expressed the desire to break into workplace wellness. It's a great idea... it's not that simple.

Denise O'Malley has worked with human resource corporate decision makers since 1997. She's worked directly with independent health & wellness professionals since 2005. Combining her knowledge of both groups, she has an understanding of what works, what doesn't, and will share that in this session.

3:40pm MDT

Breathing as Self Care

Sharon Harvey Alexander, C-IAYT

Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health

Boulder, CO

As the founder and director of Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health LLC, Sharon Harvey Alexander is on a mission to elevate well-being across the planet, one breath, one person at a time. She is a natural healer, creative movement specialist, whole health advocate, wellness educator and breathing coach who offers simple yet profound techniques designed to expertly melt away strain, stress, and inner darkness so that you can live a vibrant life at any age.

The work that Sharon does has evolved over more than 30 years and is a blend of many different somatic and energy healing modalities. Her intent is to help you cultivate greater levels of nourishing self-awareness and combine that with aligned and inspired physical action, meditative movement, and mindfulness that is fueled by a powerful connection to life force energy.

3:55pm MDT

Closing Comments - Q&A

4:00pm MDT


Want more? The Zoom will be open after the session to visit with the speakers and sponsors via group or break out rooms!


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Transitions: Health & Wellness Professionals Track June 16, 2021