Transitions: HR Track

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GOAL: Discuss issues in Human Resources today and highlight available resources and experts.

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in life has to do with wellbeing... even the ups and downs of our work environment. In this 3-hour track you'll meet experts in communications, grief/trauma, life purpose and even peer-to-peer collaboration. We'll even talk a little about workplace wellness because - ahem - that's what we do.

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

Jayne Sanders

Purpose Whisperer

Lakewood, CO

Welcome to Transitions 2021: A Wellness Experience for Business and Self!

We've both spent many years in high level positions within Corporate America and understand the stresses that impact our work lives... and the past year and a half have tested even the most experienced of us!

Our mission in this session is to share with you resources you may be unaware of to help you in your role as a Human Resource professional... and we'll have fun along the way! This session is for YOU and you can sit back and absorb, or be an active participant in our interactive discussions.

One last thing... do you know we have special events every month specifically for the workplace? Check out Communications in the Workplace on the 2nd Tuesday featuring Lorie Reichel-Howe. On the 4th Tuesday of each month, we put on a FREE workplace wellness education class featuring one of our network providers (this is a $250+ value!).

If you miss any of these events, don't worry... you'll find recordings of most talks and events on our website too!

Master Your Inner Game Meditation

Seema Giri

Break Free to Brilliance

Dublin, CA

Master Your Inner Game is all about self care and performance mastery. It is designed to help you create a deeper connection with your inner and outer world where you feel you are one in all dimensions of your life.

You will gain:

* Clarity that will Increase Focus

* Increased Energy

* Inner peace, love, joy and balance

* Fear and Frustration to Confident and Stand in Your Power

* Overwhelm to Alignment with your Mind, Body & Soul

* Build stronger Immune System

* Belief that Self Care Selfless

And so much more...

Panel Discussion: HR Challenges & Transitions

Everything that happens in life - at home or the workplace - can fit into one of the eight dimensions of wellbeing. Everything.

In this session we'll explore challenges and transitions impacting the workplace and our panel of experts will provide unique solutions that can be put into place immediately.

This is a free-flowing session so we don't know exactly where the conversation will go! Our experts may discuss life purpose, burnout, anxiety, grief / loss, peer-to-peer support, workplace communications... and more!


Lorie Reichel-Howe

Conversations in the Workplace

San Jose, CA

Erich Kurschat

HR HotSeat

Chicago, IL

Lisa May


Bend, OR

Peggy Green

Thee Grief Specialist

Highlands Ranch, CO

A Message from our Sponsor:

Kathi McCarty

Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance

Evergreen, CO

What would you do if you discovered your beloved home that you rented out while away from the country building a school in Jamaica had become a meth lab?

You create a movement for awareness and change by channeling your Erin Brockovich!

Kathi's story is not as unusual as it may sound; you'll want to her her story... it may save your home, possessions, or life some day.


Everything Boils Down to Wellbeing: The case for a focus on wellness at the workplace

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

Wellness programs are often an afterthought in business. After all, you're in the business of marketing and selling your products, right? What if you were to discover up to 20% of your gross revenues were flying out the door simply because your staff were not happy, healthy & thriving?

Would that change your mind? Let's explore the importance and how to effectively deliver the support your employees need and WANT!


Caring for the CareGivers (the Sandwich Generation)

Bob Brocker

AgeWise Colorado

Denver, CO

Meet Bob Brocker, Executive Director of AgeWise Colorado, an organization dedicated to helping people age at home through available resources.

You Define Wellness has partnered with AgeWise Colorado on a special event scheduled for September 16, 2021.


HR Leaders: Transition into Greatness

Nancy Kalsow

Certified Coach, PCC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Kalsow Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Black Earth, WI

HR Leaders, Thank you! Thank you for the immense load you took on to protect your organization and employees through the pandemic. You leaned in to taking care of business with flexibility, adaptability, and modification after modification of executive orders and regulations. And now, well...... things will never be quite the same. Yet now you know "Everything IS Figureoutable" (reference to a book by that title from Marie Forlio) AND Everything that happens in life - at home or the workplace - can fit into one of the eight dimensions of wellbeing. Everything.

Let's step into your wellbeing by celebrating with A.W.E. - Nancy's 3 steps to create your great! Transition into something greater as an HR leader.