Transitions Agenda: Wellness Fair – Part 2

Did you know Transitions 2021 has 3 tracks over 3 days? This isn't as overwhelming as it seems. We've listed times for each presentation - and we're a stickler for following the agenda; you're invited to pick and choose what you attend! Drop in for just one talk, stay for the entire track, or even attend everything. It's completely up to YOU because our name says it all... YOU DEFINE WELLNESS (and what works for you).

Our Wellness FAIR is like no other with a focus on experiential learning about alternative paths to healthy living from the experts in our network.

At You Define Wellness, we talk often about the 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, social, occupational, intellectual and environmental.

We've divided our Wellness FAIR into two sections: one for modalities typically thought of as traditional by corporate wellness standards (physical, mental, financial), and one for the other 5 dimensions of wellbeing including non-traditional / holistic / New Age... because it all combines into who we are!

--------- Saturday, August 28, 2021 ---------


GOAL: Provide opportunities to learn about healthy living practices with panel discussions and virtual experiences.

Denise O'Malley

You Define Wellness

Aurora, CO

Brenda Hardwick

The Light of Nature

Arvada, CO

Welcome to the Wellness Fair: Part 2 at Transitions 2021!

What is 'wellness'? At its essence we understand living a healthy life means Movement, Eating the right foods, Drinking water, and getting good Sleep. At You Define Wellness, we call this getting your daily M.E.D.S. 'Wellness' is so much more than that simple formula and is up to each individual to define for themselves what that means while others may raise their eyebrows over that same definition.

This is why we offer many modalities that are thought of as non-traditional in the western world. The fact is many of our holistic, non-traditional and New Age modalities are ancient wisdom and many are slowly being accepted alongside western medicine.

Join us today as we explore what may be to you new thoughts and ideas in healing!

9:00am MDT


9:10am MDT

15-Minute Kickstart

Stephanie Lueras

Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness

Lake Havasu City, AZ

In this activity, we will get a taste of how to build strength and stamina using body weight resistance activities, how to increase stamina and endurance for everyday activities, and increase range of motion and flexibility. This activity is adaptable for all fitness levels and body types, with seated modifications available. No experience, special weights, or equipment is necessary for this time of movement together.

9:30am MDT

The Virtual Wellness Experience: Many Dimensions of Wellbeing (Alternative, Holistic, New Age)

Are you ready for an experience?

PART 1: Each of our coaches will introduce themselves, talk about their area of expertise, and share what experience you'll have in Part 2.

PART 2: This is where the fun begins! We'll go into breakout rooms on Zoom for about 15 minutes with each Coach leading an experience in their room. For the first round, you will be randomly assigned to a room... just believe that wherever you land is exactly where you need to be!

PART 3: We'll come back together in the main room and for the next two rounds YOU select the room you want to visit. We will do this as many times as time allows.

Past participants LOVED the Virtual Wellness Experiences and the only complaint was the time FLIES by so fast in a room!

Heather Rutkowski

Emotional Resolution KC

Kansas City, MO

Mary Crawford

The Joy of Being Well

Madison, WI

Kim Flood

Wisdom and Wellness

Madison, WI

Jennilynne Coley

The De-Stress Lounge

Aurora, CO

10:55am MDT

Executive Sponsor: Tracy Revell

Embodied Confidence

Denver, CO

It takes a magical combination of Guts & Grace to thrive in life and business... and Tracy Revell - one of our Executive Sponsors - is the expert!

As an Executive Sponsor of this event, we've invited Tracy Revell to speak for a few minutes about the magnificent work she's putting into the world.

We're thankful for Tracy's support of the work we're doing and look forward to hearing her words of wisdom in this session.

11:00am MDT


You Test your Blood... why not your hair?

Eva Vennari

The Elevate Institute

Los Angeles, CA

There’s a common misconception that hair testing only reveals drug use, vitamins you are lacking or if you have a toxic metal load. What if I told you that, a hair analysis is much more comprehensive... especially when you add it to information you can see in a blood test? You’ll hear compelling stories about how just the use of hair mineral testing and the proper analysis from a trained Mineral Specialist has CHANGED LIVES. Learn how you might benefit from adding hair mineral testing to your health journey so you can rebuild not only your minerals, but your immune system and even improve problems you think you’re stuck with for life.

11:40am MDT

Laughter Yoga

Brenda Hardwick

The Light of Nature

Arvada, CO

Come spend a few minutes and LAUGH! Raise your serotonin, raise your emotional intelligence, and raise your endorphins all by laughing! Join me for a quick boost to your day!

11:55am MDT

Closing Comments - Q&A

Noon MDT



Want more? The Zoom will be open after the session to visit with the speakers and sponsors via group or break out rooms!