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Did you know that our body’s main function while sleeping is to heal? 
Unfortunately, home environments can prohibit an optimal state for the healing process.  For example, EMFs and blue light exposure reduce the production of a hormone called melatonin, which is essential for sleep. Below are tips you can implement in your home to promote a more restful, deep sleep – which allows the healing to take place as we were designed to do. The more strategies that you implement, the better your sleep will become.

Avoid eating four hours before bedtime. Your body has two primary functions and it cannot manage
both at the same time. The functions are to either digest food, or to sleep and heal. If the gut has food to digest, it cannot focus on engaging the immune system to address threats and imbalances in the body.

Refrain from using computers, cell phones, and other electronics at least one hour before
bedtime. Use blue-light filters on electronics after dusk, or purchase glasses (prescription or non-prescription) with a blue-light filtering feature.

Remove all blue lights from the bedroom environment. Use red-light LED display for alarm clocks,
red lights for night lights if needed (or a Himalayan salt lamp with dimmer switch).

Return to “old-fashioned” alarm clocks, and leave cell phones and gaming devices in the
kitchen at night. Have an electronics basket or station where all electronics are charged. Family members may keep one another accountable for making their nightly electronics deposit, sometimes parents are just as prone to using social media in bed as are children.

If cell phones must be kept in the bedroom, switch cell phones to airplane mode.  If cell phones need to remain on in case of an emergency call, place in the kitchen or elsewhere outside of the bedroom, and find another source if a morning alarm is needed.

Do not use wireless monitors in children’s bedrooms, and most certainly not in the baby’s nursery.

Unplug the Wi-Fi router from the wall at night.

Ensure the headboard of the bed is not along an outside wall of which the Smart Meter (utility company meter) is fastened to outside, as this emits EMF radiation. This is especially critical for people under age 18 with still-developing brains.

Closed up house? Crack the window, especially in winter, to allow fresh air into the bedroom. All night is best, but even 1-2 hours before bedtime will increase the negative ions in the air for better sleep.

To reduce restlessness, try quieting your mind before sleeping. Exercise in the evening, read an uplifting book, meditate, listen to soothing music, such as classical or Solfeggio 528 (which you can find on YouTube). Remember to download your music to avoid Wi-Fi while sleeping; and yes, there are benefits to using the technology of old, such as CDs. Place music players away from the bed and set the volume to low, and drift off into a wonderful night of sleep.

We spend nearly one-third of our lifetime in bed. Ensuring that bedrooms are optimally equipped (or not so much) to provide an environment with little to no EMF radiation, or “dirty electricity” can go a long way in promoting the healing kind of sleep that we all need. Beyond electronics, bedding materials also play a role in providing a healthful night’s sleep. If you would like to learn more contact Purely Living Wellness for a consultation regarding the home environment. The Qest4 bio-energetics system offers a scan for Sleep Disorders to help pinpoint what is keeping you up at night.


Rita Shimniok, founder and owner of Purely Living Wellness, LLC believes in “living intentionally from experience”, or L.I.F.E.  Having experience in the cancer journey, she has researched much into providing a safe healthful home environment to reduce toxic loads, whether chemical or energetic. One of her workshops is titled, “Better Sleep for Better Day-zzzz”.

Her website, contains healthy recipes, articles, tips on promoting life with vitality, and more information on Qest4 Bio-energetic scanning services. She may be contacted at

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