Thinking outside the box

Let’s get real.

Many people will not step outside of their medical insurance plan to receive ANY health care for a condition or illness.  When they do, it’s because of a few reasons:

  • They were raised using alternative care strategies;
  • A family member, friend, social media friend, acquaintance, celebrity, or headline shared information that caught their attention and they want to learn more; and/or,
  • Traditional western medicine failed them and – desperate to find a solution – they’re seeking other options.

Many of the same are willing to pay out of pocket for healthy living services and products like gym memberships, monthly massage memberships, weight loss programs, and supplements to name a few… a lot of services that benefit from national advertising.  This tells us they aren’t OPPOSED to paying you… they just need to know you exist AND it really helps when a system is in place to make your services affordable.

So how do wellness professionals educate and inform consumers about other paths to living happy, healthy & thriving lives?  Quite frankly, the professionals – YOU!! – have to think outside the box!

Well, I have an idea… and I need your help!

Imagine independent wellness professionals working TOGETHER to provide consumers with both the education AND experience to learn about alternative options.

Imagine healers in a geographic area coming together to plan pop-up wellness expos, open houses, and educational meetings (i.e. MeetUps) for nearby consumers and employers.

Imagine these groups of professionals pooling their resources to find locations, advertise the events, promote on social media, and knock on business doors in the neighborhood with invitations to attend.

Imagine the professionals having a tool to help consumers pay for the services and products they discover… and that tool is You Define Wellness.


I don’t have to imagine, I know what the outcome would be… change.

Wellness professionals will receive greater business exposure than they could obtain on their own.

Consumers will learn about additional paths to leading happy, healthy & thriving lives from people they will have met and come to trust.

Employers will receive a solution to the #1 problem they have in coming up with wellness options for their employees: trying to read the minds of their employees.

Are you willing to think outside the box and try something new?

My goal is to help set up and guide many provider groups across the country who are committed to trying out this idea of mine… and help me work out the kinks of this idea.

Some key points…

  • You do not have to be in the You Define Wellness network to be interested in participating although a fee will apply if you’re not in our network;
  • Joining the You Define Wellness network is completely up to you although if these events take off like I think they will, you’ll want to consider it; and,
  • There’s a lot to be decided and we’re creating this as we go along… so you may have lots of questions that have yet to have answers.

Are you in? I’d like to hear from you.

Denise O’Malley, Founder of You Define Wellness

Thinking outside the box January 21, 2020

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