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The WELL Series

We hear from clients that the #1 reason they put off trying something new is that they don’t know what to do.  Where do they turn for information from vetted professionals? Who are they to trust?

At You Define Wellness, we are proud to share and showcase the expertise of the professionals in our network by hosting several times a year The WELL Series to offer education you won’t find anywhere else!

This is a three-pronged educational platform…


WellFAIRS are our big two-day events with wellness fairs and two optional business tracks.

  • Small business track: We support small business owners and independent health/wellness professionals in manifesting the success they envision; and,
  • Human Resource professionals: There are numerous unconventional or little known resources available to the #HRCommunity to help them better support their staff.

WellTALKS after the FAIR

WellTALKS are bonus sessions typically held the week after the WellFAIR.

Every 20 minutes we offer a talk – à la TEDTalks – from one of our Network Members on a subject of wellbeing.

Admission is free for those who enrolled in the WellFAIRS and available for separate purchase.


During the two months following our WellFAIR, we host workshops created by and presented by our Network Members.  Rarely does ones life change after a 15-minute WellTALK; the WellWORKSHOP empowers an individual to take a deeper dive into a subject.

WellWORKSHOPs can be 1-4 or more hours long and cost $39 per instruction hour; a 50% discount is typically offered for those who have our Healthy Living Savings Card which can be purchased at time of enrollment.


The WELL Series August 21, 2021