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My Son’s Memory is Alive

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist

Written by Peggy Green Thee Grief Specialist

Last weekend I attended a wedding for a young couple. The bride and groom were absolutely stunning. We sat through a light rain in a beautiful fall setting with aspen trees boasting gorgeous gold, yellow and orange leaves. The air was crisp and anticipation in the air. As the couple said their vows, it was well worth it to see them make it official. Because of Covid, their wedding plans were delayed, and the big day had finally arrived.

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Calm on command with this simple technique

Try this simple yet super powerful technique you literally do anywhere to cultivate calm on command!

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Nutrition and Physical Health Part 1 – Eat Real Food

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist

By Peggy Green of Thee Grief Specialist

Nutrition and Physical Health

Physical health is often overlooked in the grief healing process. Due to the traumatic nature of a child’s death by suicide, it is even more important to address physical health. It is a barometer that indicates how things are going in all areas of your health.

Poor physical health symptoms caused by grief may include migraines, insomnia, extreme weight gain or weight loss, chronic pain and inflammation, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and broken heart syndrome. Grief will also weaken your immune system, making you prone to colds, flu, and an increased risk of autoimmune diseases. You may be experiencing one or many of these symptoms right now.


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You Don’t Hold the Market on Grief

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist
Written by Peggy Green Thee Grief Specialist
I’ve been in a funk lately wanted to blame it on my grief and loss.
However, a dear friend challenged the way I was thinking. It has been two years since losing her husband, so she too travels the last journey. She simply stated, “You do not have the market on grief”. Wow, talk about an eye opener. This simple yet very truthful and insightful statement applied to where I was, what I was thinking and what I was feeling. While loss is devastating it is not the only cog in my wheel of emotions. There are other parts that contribute to whether my wheel is in balance or needs some work. I looked at my daily routine and realized that my positive habits had fallen to the wayside.
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Food Is Just Food

By Kimberly Melillo, owner of Inspired Curves

I was at the gym this morning and I noticed this older man.
He was chatting with a bunch of his buddies.
I thought to myself: “this guy is always talking and not even working out.”
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Grief and Mother’s Day

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist

by Peggy Green of Thee Grief Specialist

Grief and Mother’s Day 2021

If I were to count the Mother’s Day without my daughter, it is 30 and without my son it is three. Counting Mother’s Day without them however does not make me feel better. It actually makes me feel worse. Focusing on them not being with me causes the wounds to reopen. I relive the days they passed and the heartache that came along with it. Those are the bad memories associated with them. I would rather focus on the good, so I have been intentional to look for the positive and remember the joy I had with them.

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5 Ways to Improve YOUR Immune System

by Rhonda Bolich-Lampo of The WELLthy People

It’s during times like these – Covid pandemic – that we start paying attention to our health and more importantly our immunity.  Afterall, our immune system works for us 24/7/365.  It doesn’t take a break.  Maybe you should consider giving it a boost so it doesn’t have to work as hard. 

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