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When Elephants Die

Peggy Green - Thee Grief Specialist
by Peggy Green of Thee Grief Specialist
I have always felt compassion and understanding for others on a higher level. I am an empath and highly sensitive to the emotions of others. As an empath, I already feel everything on a more intense level. Even day-to-day events can hit a nerve and create an emotional response.
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I love Mondays!

By Michelle Jolly of Healthy Horizons Coaching

Do you love your job and life?

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10 Keys to Family Happiness

Happy baby

by Mary Dravis-Parrish, Be You Parenting

What parent doesn’t want to have a happy family? And yet, how often are we truly happy? What does it take to be happy in today’s world when there are so many things that can bring on stress and worry? Here are 10 Keys that can add to the happiness of parents who want to empower their kids to be happy.

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