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Process of Change: Sponsor

You Define Wellness network providers, our friends and supporters have a unique opportunity to get their business name and information in front of corporate decision makers and influencers (like insurance agents and payroll companies) and human resource management professionals by sponsoring a gift for these attendees at our February 17th Process of Change event!

These identified prospects will receive – upon its release – Donna Cutting‘s new book “EMPLOYEES F1RST: Inspire, Engage and Focus on the HEART of your Organization” PLUS a flyer – if you so choose – promoting your business.

The price is $25 per book and you decide how many you wish to sponsor! The price includes the cost of the book based on our bulk order discount, shipping, and the flyer we will create.

Author Donna Cutting is our featured guest at The Process of Change: Workplace Wellness session on February 17th… and we’re looking for sponsorships of her soon-to-be released book for special attendees at this session.

Here’s why we’re helping her promote her book… the chapter on workplace wellness is entirely based on an interview with You Define Wellness founder, Denise O’Malley!

As a sponsor of this gift, your business name and logo will be included on a flyer inserted at the Workplace Wellness chapter


We will include a flyer YOU create if you wish!

If you choose to add a flyer, it should be 5.5″ x 8.5″ and we do not have the equipment to print your flyer for you – unless you’re willing to have it be in black/white. So we’re asking you to mail the same number as the quantity of books you’re sponsoring by March 1st to:

Denise O’Malley
8700 E Jefferson #372432
Denver, CO 80237

Please note: We will endeavor to add your flyer to a book being sent to a guest that is in your area and will notify you who receives the book. We’re still working out details as to how this will be worked out… so please be patient with us.

Process of Change: Sponsor January 19, 2022