Speaker.Whole Health Center (Lone Tree)

Whole Health Center

Lone Tree, CO

Our mission at Whole Health Center is to help as many people as possible with natural medicine.


Treating Allergies - Naturally!

We will explain why we get allergies and food sensitivities. We will educate how acupuncture can help your immune system function correctly, and even clear you from allergies. You can play outside and eat strawberries again!

AVAILABLE: Denver, CO (south metro area)

Treating Stress - Naturally!

We will explain how stress affects your physical and emotional health. Then we will educate how acupuncture can make a huge difference in how you handle stress. Acupuncture will also help your body heal itself from the problems created by stress. Acupuncture can alleviate pain, digestive conditions, emotional issues, and help you feel great.

AVAILABLE: Denver, CO (south metro area)

Speaker.Whole Health Center (Lone Tree) March 7, 2020