Speaker.Tracy Revell

Tracy Revell

Embodied Confidence

Creativity and innovation are crucial for entrepreneurs and companies to get and stay ahead of their competition; empowering employees to develop these aspects of themselves is crucial… and that’s what Tracy Revell is all about!


Powerful Presence & Confidence in the Workplace!

Learn the 3 easy, powerful must-haves to address what is holding you back and encourage you to move forward everywhere in your life and business. Your posture, how present you are in your body and how you take care of you communicates to the world who you are and how you feel about yourself. It's impossible to really give to or build up others if you're not taking care of yourself. How would your life change if you spent more time present within YOU?

In this presentation, the audience learns to operate from this authentic place of power as well as how to use it to create desired outcomes everywhere in their life and business! Audience members walk away with simple, easily implementable tools to improving communication skills, attracting ideal clients, being superior leaders and exponentializing their ability to focus and deliver superior performance.

AVAILABLE: Denver, CO or Webinar

Speaker.Tracy Revell March 7, 2020