Speaker.Tami Miller

Tami Miller

Sage Nutrition Coaching, Inc.

Tami Miller – a Nutrition Coach with a background in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Biochemistry, and Nutrition – does not believe in dieting! She believes in better lifestyle choices and guides her clients this direction.

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Video: Nutrition Breakdown - Eating a Diet is not 'Dieting'


Why Are We Supposed to Eat That?
Relatable Applied Nutrition for the Inquiring Mind

We are told what we should and should not eat, but in many cases "Why" is never explained. By learning how your body uses the food that you eat to make energy that you need, you can understand why you need to eat certain nutrients. You can also understand how real foods help you and how diets can harm you.

AVAILABLE: Denver, CO or Webinar

Speaker.Tami Miller March 9, 2020