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Shirley & Phillip Gutkowski

Primal Air, LLC

Primal Air is in the business of bringing families together by reducing breathing problems. From snoring to ADHD in children improper breathing due to the form and/or function of the craniofacial respiratory complex leads to enormous stress in the home.


Breathe Smarter not Harder

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Buteyko Performance Breathing might sound like something for the best of the best athletes use. But are you not the best of the best at what you do? People that breathe correctly still might need some guidance in the proper way to breathe. Mouth breathing can be hazardous and you might not even know. Buteyko is getting the most oxygen to the lungs with the least amount of effort. These classes will help you understand the difference between mouth breathing and nose breathing and how to train your brain to nose breathe.
5 weekly appointments to help you breathe the way you're suppose to.

AVAILABLE: Madison, WI or as Webinar

Second Hand Snoring: Effects and Solutions

Snoring is costly because it leads to sleepiness, decreased productivity, and increased workplace drama. Are there simple things you can do to stop snoring? You BET!

AVAILABLE: Madison, WI or as Webinar

Speaker.Shirley Gutkowski March 6, 2020