Speaker.Sharon Thornburg

Sharon Thornburg

Awaken U

Sharon Thornburg is passionate about teaching others a simple technique to bring into their life ease, joy and glory.

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Video: An Introduction to Simplified Emotional Freedom Technique™

Video: Concussions - Treatment options and re-gaining functionality


1 Method for Reducing Stress, Depression and Anxiety

What if living an empowered life were as easy as ABC? Learn the 3 elements that take you from reacting to life situations to beneficial responses that build confidence at home and at work. Participants will leave with 3 key elements that can be implemented immediately to bring about positive change.

AVAILABLE: Boulder / Longmont & Denver, CO

Learn How to Manage Your Life with Access Consciousness®/Bars

An additional fee applies

There are thirty-two bar points on the brain that can help create change in your life. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety a session will help you feel better. This is a class to teach you the bars so you can manage your health concerns. If you are tired of feeling bad about yourself, consider having a session or taking the class. After experiencing the bars, you will either feel like you had a lovely massage or your life can change dramatically. Consider the class and bring a friend/family member and have a person to do trades with. This is an eight hour class.

AVAILABLE: Boulder / Longmont & Denver, CO

Speaker.Sharon Thornburg March 7, 2020