Speaker.Kerstin Caldwell

Kerstin Caldwell

Gaining Perspective


Playfully Engaging

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Hard work doesn't have to be painful, it can be FUN! Practicing play via the principles of Applied Improvisation creates a space where positive habits flourish and your team works seamlessly. Over a span of six to ten weeks, Kerstin will customize a detailed set of exercises that will mindfully and playfully address specific roadblocking behaviors you recognize in your work environment. Allow your employees a space to self-correct old behaviors by noticing what it is that keeps them from listening to themselves or each other, communicating their needs to one another in each moment or making things harder than necessary.


Unity Through Play

Enliven your work environment with the energy of play. Play helps release tension, alleviate stress, and open lines of communication within a workforce. In just one session, discover how the principles of Applied Improvisation can guide an entire set of individuals toward becoming a more cohesive, more engaged and more motivated group.


Speaker.Kerstin Caldwell March 9, 2020