Speaker.Julie Korotkin

Julie Korotkin

Evolve Journey

Julie Korotkin, the Founder and Lead Evolver at Evolve Journey, is on a mission to share her Model of Holistic Well-Being with the world in order to transform the way we live our day-to-day lives.


Create Community

Take 45 minutes out of your day to consider how community shows up in your life and workplace. You'll have an opportunity to explore how community supports your life and learn how to create more community in your life and workplace.

AVAILABLE: Denver, CO or Webinar

Purposeful Productivity

Take 45 minutes out of your day to reignite your relationship with personal and professional productivity through the lens of purpose. You will have an opportunity to reconnect with your passion to your work and life through a guided visualization process. Receive tips and tricks on how to recenter yourself during moments of distraction and/or stress on the job or in life.

AVAILABLE: Denver, CO or Webinar

Visualize Vitality

Participants of this class have an opportunity to relax and move into a deep meditative state during which they will enjoy a journey of visioning themselves living with a sense of vitality, health, and well-being. Ultimately, class members walk away with a vision and beginnings of a pathway that will lead them to a life of Holistic Well-Being.

AVAILABLE: Denver, CO or Webinar

Speaker.Julie Korotkin March 7, 2020

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