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Diana Calvo

Diana Calvo Coaching, LLC

Diana Calvo’s joy comes from doing work that is on purpose and meaningful to her personally. In this work she is able to be who she is naturally: deeply present, listening fully, feeling everything.


Forget Everything You Ever Learned About Decision Making

Our mental health is controlled in large part by the microbes that live in our gut. Our food choices, environmental toxins, medications and other stressors can affect these microbes and thereby affect our mental health. In this talk, learn how to take care of your gut microbes and decrease your risk of mental health issues like anxiety and depression as well as colorectal cancer and other chronic diseases.

AVAILABLE: Boulder / Longmont & Denver, CO

Free Yourself from the Grip of Fear and Anxiety

If you’ve ever felt that fear and anxiety are running the show in your life, then this program is for you. These emotions run deep and can subconsciously control our overall experience of life, including our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors. This can be paralyzing and lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. At a certain point we wake up to the desire to free ourselves from emotional imprisonment. This program will introduce you to a three-step approach for processing the energy of fear and anxiety, in order to release it, and thereby free yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity to process one of your fears in a safe and supportive environment. You will leave the program with a deeper understanding of the nature of fear, the role it plays in your own life, and the actionable steps you can take to free yourself from fear and anxiety for the rest of your life.

AVAILABLE: Boulder / Longmont & Denver, CO

Have More Satisfying Relationships

We all long for relationships with more emotional intimacy and deeper connection. In this program you will learn the ways in which you keep yourself closed off from others and how you can begin to open yourself up again. Become aware of your relationship habits and how they may no longer be serving you. You will leave the program understanding what is required to have more satisfying relationships in all areas of life.

AVAILABLE: Boulder / Longmont & Denver, CO

Journal Your Way to Emotional Well-being

Journaling is an exceptional tool for boosting mental health. Both affordable and accessible, journaling provides significant benefits for emotional well-being. Whether you have been journaling for years, or are considering it for the first time, this program is for you. Understand why journaling is effective and how to incorporate it in your daily life. Learn and practice a three-step approach to use in your own journaling sessions. Leave the program more confident in your decision to spend time on this important activity.

AVAILABLE: Boulder / Longmont & Denver, CO or Webinar

Your Body as the Ultimate Source for Truth

Your body is a goldmine of information that you are literally sitting on! Most of us have been taught to make decisions solely based on logic, analysis and rational thought, while ignoring the body entirely. In this program you will learn and practice a simple technique for reconnecting with the wisdom of your body that you can later replicate on your own. You will leave the program with a new understanding of how to access body wisdom in order to make decisions with more confidence, trust and clarity.

AVAILABLE: Boulder / Longmont & Denver, CO

Speaker.Diana Calvo March 7, 2020