Speaker.Dena Adams

Dena Adams

Seek Defeat Design, LLC

Dena Adams finds joy in serving and helping others find hope, a glimmer of light in their darkness, learn they matter in this world, and to help them find that drive inside themselves to want to fight for themselves.

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The Relationship that Will Make or Break Everything

This class is on gaining an inner awareness of how you impact your environment. It's important to understand how your relationship with yourself impacts your job, relationships in the work place, and your ability to grow within your job. Gaining an inner awareness ignites the desire to own your responsibilities, stop blaming others, and getting brutally honest with yourself so you can discover what you need to change to reach new heights. There will always be those that will not change and don't believe they need to. You can't do anything about that but you can learn more about yourself so you can navigate interactions more effectively.

Over all, this allows, not only you as an individual, but everyone as a team, to created a more positive and successful work environment. What's better is it is something you can take with you into all areas and relationships in your life.

AVAILABLE: Denver to Fort Collins, CO or Webinar

Speaker.Dena Adams March 7, 2020