Speaker.Ashley Zimmerman

Ashley Zimmerman, PT, DPT

Park Meadows Center for Movement

The team at Park Meadows Center for Movement leverages their experience in the fields of Physical Therapy, Pilates, fitness, rehabilitation, biomechanics and energy medicine to help clients have a better understanding of how they’re designed so they can be strong, vital, exuberant and productive.


Ergonomic Assessment - Does Your Work Environment Support You?

Happy Bodies are Productive Bodies. Make sure you have an optimal, ergonomic worksite. Whether you stand, sit or move around, you need to make sure your desk, chair, keyboard, computer and lighting adapt TO YOU and not vice versa. We will give you an ergonomic assessment and some tips to help you improve workplace comfort, which will improve your productivity.


Finding the Balance between Superwoman and Couch Potato

Living a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming; how do we know where to start? As individuals, it is difficult to maintain an optimal balance between work and life. In this class we will discuss some important issues we face as women and learn how to foster the connection between mind and body.


Oh My Aching Back!

How do you get through your day when you have back pain? Do you feel like you could be more efficient at work if you weren't in pain? Learn how to optimize your productiving and energy level through new techniques performed at your desk.


Speaker.Ashley Zimmerman March 7, 2020